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 Annisa (right) is teaching students the way to make frame from paper. | Wahana Visi Indonesia
Annisa (right) is teaching students the way to make frame from paper.
“Today, we will learn about ‘Our Wonderful Country’. Now, you should fold the paper and cut it into the frame. We will sight-seeing the scenery around us,” said Annisa, a teacher from Islamic primary school Madrasah Ibtidaiyah. Her invitation was enthusiastically welcomed by the students of Utaseko primary school at that time.

Through the theme ‘Our Wonderful Country’ which is suitable with Basic Competency and Core Competency, Annisa gets a challenge to be a brave and creative teacher. Annisa asks the children to go out by bringing the hand-made frame. Outside the class, she asks the students to look into beautiful scenery trough the frame.

Through this activity, the children learn about the beauty of Indonesia through our surrounding environment. Besides, the children cut also learn new skills such as cutting, drawing and building socialization with their friends that they could love nature. Through this way, the children are expected to be proud of Indonesia.
“I’m happy because I could see beautiful scenery in it. I never learned this way. I would be very happy when there is a chance like this in the future,” said Magdalena, a fourth grader.

Annisa was one of 38 teachers who joined in the training of contextual education with Meda Mazi spirit held by Wahana Visi Indonesia at Ngada operationa office which was located in SDI Utaseko. During the assistance, the teachers and principal from another school also joined the assistance to apply the Active, Innovative, Creative and Fun learning method while building school culture based on school students, teachers and principals.

Thank you teacher Annisa for accepting the challenge to be a brave and creative teacher!

Written by Monica Agnes Sylvia, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator, Wahana Visi Indonesia at Ngada operational office

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