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 Kindergarten children in Mensiap Baru Village are lining up to wash their hands with soap and flowing water. | Wahana Visi Indonesia
Kindergarten children in Mensiap Baru Village are lining up to wash their hands with soap and flowing water.
Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), Sintang Operational Office celebrated mass birthday with children in Mensiap Baru Village with theme “Healthy Body, Happy Life”. In this event, WVI which supports government’s programs and one of them is Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), introduced its second pillar. The second pillar of CLTS is “Washing Hand with Soap” or known as Cuci Tangan Pakai Sabun (CTPS) in bahasa Indonesia.

Rini is a parent and also a teacher in one of kindergarten in Mensiap Baru Village. She is really excited to ask children to do the washing hand with soap correctly. “I used to teach children to wash their hands by dowsing their hands into the water. After WVI gave socialization and held washing hand with soap competition, we just realized that we should use soap and flowing water,” she said.

Now, washing hand with soap has been children’s habit in Mensiap Baru Village. Before and after eating, children will wash their hands with soap. Besides, Rini also gives homework for them to drawing the washing hands with soap activity. Other parents said that now their children always sing a soap song while washing their hands with soap.

 “Parents’ responses are really great because WVI has helped the children. I also encourage parents to provide tools for their children to wash their hands at home,” Rini added, “Washing hand with soap is necessary to be taught in early age so that the children are healthy and they do not get sick easily. not sick easily,” she closed the conversation. 

Written by Rodex Jordan Simangunson, Development Facilitator Wahana Visi Indonesia at Sintang operational office

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