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Human Development Index in Papua was only 57.25 percent in 2015 compared to national rate. (BPS Papua 2015)

The number of school participation in Papua is still low compared to the national rate of school participation.

Many Papuan children can not attend to school because the teacher is need to receive the salary†

In period of October 2015 - January 2016, 54 under-five age children in Mbua, Papua, died of pertusis, caused by lungs bacterial infection (Kompas, 24 August 2016)

Among 1,000 natalities in Papua, 115 under five age children died. (demographic health survey Indonesia 2012)

1,042 of 100.000 mothers died in Papua when delivering babies

41% children in Papua are stunting (Riskesdas 2013)

Changed by Love
Miss Yuli also stated that the children are vulnerable and still depend on parents.
Fruitful Good Works
Merliana or usually called Merlin, 51, is a modest woman who lives in Makasar sub-district, East Jakarta.
My Spirit Flows Like Water
Water is the main source of  life of every creature.
No More Waste in My Place
The earthquake hit Pidie Jaya on December 7, 2016 causing many buildings to collapse.
Posyandu Cadre, the Child's Growth Fighter
“As a Posyandu cadre, I’m proud to join the training and I am going to do early detection in Posyandu and the ...
William Lily Foundation for South West Sumba Children
To increase the Indonesian children’s welfare is the attempts that Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) has lived together with William ...
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