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A Champion for the Environment

ASCA, Saving and Loans Program for Child and Community Welfare



Child Protection is My Business

The Spirit of Child-Friendly School

Fun Handwashing Campaign in South Bengkulu

Changed by Love

Fruitful Good Works

My Spirit Flows Like Water

No More Waste in My Place

Posyandu Cadre, the Child's Growth Fighter

William Lily Foundation for South West Sumba Children

Melawi Regent Launched KOMPAwi, Melawi Child Care Organization Coalition

Now I am Free from Open Defecation

Alto Will Do Anything for Children



Kiren, the Real Fighter

Limitless Spirit of Lahonakil

Responding Cipinang Melayu Flood, WVI Settled Child-Friendly Space

Nordhita, The Cadre and Breastfeeding Fighter

Fun Learning in Ketimavit

Yosef Avion, the Independent Learner

Iman, Father who Supports Breastfeeding

Village Fund to Develop Nutrition Garden in Uluwae Village

Child-Friendly Space, the Safe Place for Children in Emergency

For the Sake of Future Generation

Village to Prioritize Children in Disaster

Caring from the Heart

People's Party to Preserve Sikka Culture



Learning from the Haze

Safe School/Madrasah Program in Pidie Jaya

Hundreds of Children Calls for Stopping Violation

Let's Play and Wash Hands with Soap

Toilet for Healthy Community

Smart Kid Likes Reading

Children as Village's Gold Investment

A Fruitful Struggle

Can We Give Infant Formula During Disaster?

Clean Water Finally Come Close to Us

Together We Can

Raise Your Voice for Maternal and Children Health Facility in East Nusa Tenggara

Back to School Campaign after Pidie Jaya Earthquake


News 2016




Performing Arts Night, Time to Self-Express

Celebrating Mother's Day in Kamal Muara

Speak Up Your Voice Indonesia!

WVI to Distribute Aids for Pidie Jaya's Earthquake Affected People

Sekadau Children to Celebrate National Teacher's Day

Wahana Visi Indonesia Relief Team Heads to Earthquake-Affected Aceh

International Toilet Day, Why do we should Celebrate?

WVI and USAID Support Jakarta Province's Incident Command Systems

Good Health Cadres for Healthy Children

Peer Educator to Raise Awareness about HIV and AIDS

World AIDS Day: Fact and Myth about HIV & AIDS



Washing hands with soap

Julyus Daeli, the Hero in Balodano Village

Two Years Waiting for a Change

Anis to Commit on Character Education for Children

Housewife Fights for Village Education

I Could Keep Myself Safe

Everything is Possible for Mega

Sekadau to Become Child Friendly District

Breastfeeding at Work, Let's Make It Work!

Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Release Instruction on Disaster

Nita village Gets Top Village Award by Tempo Magazine

The Health Post Superhero

Debora's Dream for Papua

My Confidence is Coming Back

Nutrition Garden for the Family

The First 16 Years Old Regent in Sikka

WVI is introduced at the National Congress of Christian Education Council (MPK)

Wai Humba, When Women Play Important Role in Economy

Learning by Doing

Meta, The Trees Lover

Our Commitment for School

The Smart Angel from North Halmahera





Our Guidelines in Flood Preparedness

Kolidetung Government to Support Child Forum

It Is Time for Us!

When Parents Build the School Fence

No Longer a Shy Boy

The Outstanding Cadre Loisa

Great Mother, Great Midwife

My Dreams for Papua Music Concert

Hope and Dream from Sentani Lake

Mobile Library Cheers Children in Evacuation Center

Strong Cadre for Healthy Children

Child-Friendly Village

Dad Turns into a Superhero for His Children

Rina's Near Death Experience

Learning Math from Bolo Pagar Cookie

The Child Study Group Has Changed Me

My First Experience in Posyandu

WVI Cooperate with BNKP for Nias Children Well Being

Give Us the Second Chance



It's Time to Help Children in My Village

Malaria Mass in Keerom

Finally Our Village Could Celebrate National Child Day!

Fita Feels More Excited Now

From Hate to Love

Easy to Make, Healthy to Eat

Dancing for Child Rights

It's Fun Learning about Infant and Young Child Feeding with Ludo

WVI Supports Sambas Government in Breastfeeding

Children and Youth National Consultation on Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change

Biak Numfor to Become Child Friendly Regency

Let's Support Breastfeeding Mother

Sharing Potable Water to People in West Kalimantan

The Most Important Day for Sebagu Village

The Mobile Library in North Halmahera

End Violence Against Children

It Is Not That Hard to Make Educational Toys!

Celebrating National Children Day, Cilincing Children Present Musical Drama

Smart Practice Responds the Challenges of NTT Community

Having Water is Like a Dream


We Have Only Heart

Learning to Count with Traditional Game "Bright"

Da Bajay Child Forum Inspires Michelle

Grow up with Child Forum

They Listen to My Voice

Waste Bank Makes Pontianak Clean and Health

Scout Greeting from Nagekeo

Celebrating National Children Day in a Village Miniature

Educating Young Children Touches Suliana's Heart

Pontianak is Ready to Continue What Has been Pursued by WVI

It`s been 15 Years WVI in City of Thousand of Temples

Breastfeeding Counseling in Pontianak "Training for Trainers"

Better Treatment Service in Jayawijaya Regency

World Vision Encourages Children Participation in City Development



Breastfeeding Guidebook

Story of a Physics Teacher

Former Sponsored Child Now a Manager

Village and Church Support Mother and Child Health

18 Meaningful Years in East Flores

The Real Child Protection Cadre

Water Pollution will Decrease in Kalan and Buluh River

WVI Assists Nias to Become Child-Friendly Regency

Friendship Between a Car and Children

Playing is My Right

Child Protection Cadre and Child Counseling Room in Singkawang

I Love My Children

Child Protection System in South Central Timor District

Not the Ordinary Women

Training of ECCD Tutor for Brighter Nias Children

Child Forum Helps Create Jayapura as Child-Friendly City

Socializing Children's Protection Act and Violence Against Children Campaign to Schools

Children's rights Socialization: From Community to Community

Tough Teenagers from Penjaringan



The Passionate Headmaster from Sambas

Jerry Aurum's Humba Ate Photo Exhibition for #BERANIMIMPI

Iin, Infant and Young Child Feeding Cadre in Nias Island

Indonesia's Sanitation Fighter

Children Voice to Build Toilet

Happy to See Children's Learning Spirit

One Voice for Children in Sentani

Support for South-West Sumba

Training for Elementary School Teacher in Hiliduho to Welcoming New School Year

News 2015


Christmas is not always about Gifts

Child Friendly Space Activities in Tunas Bangsa X Preschool

Raising Dreams of Children with Wahana Visi Indonesia

More Family's Spending Makes Neneng More Creative

A Little Story from Wura Homba village

The Transformation Spirit of Komba primary school

Saving Money for My Child's Future

The Spirit Rises in Central Miomaffo

WVI Holds Trainings on Children Handling During Emergency

Inspired by Wahana Visi

Mrs. Yayah's Delicious Pressure Cooked Milky Fish

From Formula Milk Children to Breastfeeding Fighters

Gift for the Gifted Children

Eka, Inspiring Peer Educator from Penjaringan

Unusual Meeting in Tobanapme

Know True, Act Wise



First 1,000 Days of Life Movement in Semper

WVI's Innovation for Clean and Healthy Jakarta

I Enjoy Cheap Water Now

Sambas Local Government Replicates Green School Program

Former "Delinquent" Child Changes into Children Caring Person

The Community Ownership

The Funeral Ceremony is No Longer Burdening the Family

Finally, Fadi back to school!

Sanitation Facilitator is Like Soccer Coach

Kharisma Involves Neighbors to Meet Orders

Venta's voice in Sikka Regional Public Hospital

Vira Changes Her Personality by Joining Child Group

WVI's Activities Makes Yuda a Courageous Boy

Mia, an Inspiration for Papuan Teens

WVI's Activities Change Musrifah Life

Haze Response, WVI Distributes Masks in Touna

Following Alor Earthquake, Community People in Maritaing Sleep Outside

Disaster Resilient School Model in Surabaya

The Creative Agents of Change

Ma'rif, the Anti-Open Defecation Village Head

I Don't Want My Child to Get Underweight

Being Community Led Total Sanitation Cadre Must Be "Talkative"



In the Devi's hand, Used Newspaper Can Be Made Interesting Handicraft

Heni: Keeping Environment Clean, We Get Money

Iren, the Little Writer from Kawangu village

Wahyu: Write Letter to the Government for His Beloved Brother

The Benefit of Cultivating Cat Fish for Hiligeo People

HIV Become the Main Issue of Lanny Jaya Local Government Priority

Chasing the Dream in the Learning Home

Village Prepares Budget for Child Protection Efforts

Becoming a Radio Broadcaster through "Ngobras"

A Long Journey Ahead

Wahana Visi Indonesia has Changed Me

Responding Haze, WVI Distributes Mask in Sambas

Negative Impact of Truancy

Restanti, Miss Nias 2015

Caen's Inspiring Healthy Toilet

The Minimum Standards for the Protection of Children Book Launch

Arlan, the Math Geek and Future Policeman

Children Suffer Most Impact of Climate Change

They Cannot Split Our Friendship

Jakarta Towards Child Friendly City

East Kotaraya is declared as the Open Defecation Free village



Practice Makes Roro More Skillful at Speaking in Public

Roro and Amel in the Discussion of Developing Indonesia as Child Friendly Country

ASCA, Solution to Financial Problem for Poor People

First Graduation in Santa Maria ECCD

Etus Has Been Recovered

Jakarta Children, Reach Your Dream through Your Creativity

Speeding of Open Defecation Free Declaration Starts

Let's Bring Our Own Food

No More Dirty Water to Drink

Writing Is Easy

Mrs. Jenah: Amazing Clean and Healthy Lifestyle Cadre

Breastfeeding Support for Working Mothers

Courage and Kindness!

The Everlasting Knowledge

Children Enjoy Learning with Green Harmony School

Yasinta Grateful To Accompany Children

Together We Build Fences

Humanitarian: Tennis court swimmer from Jakarta

Fun Learning Activities at School

Sultan Care | Live Simply | Give More | Expect less

Cultivating Pig to Support ECCD



Melvi's Story: Risking Life to Go to School

It Is the Way Barabas Children Do Activities

Credit Union Saves Letekonda Villagers

Claudia's Spirit for Sikka Children

Preschool Prepares Young Children to Learn at School

TiKa, a Bridge that Brings Love to Children

Child Forum Transforms Children Live in Bengkayang

Mince Teach Students in a Fun Way

Future TV Presenter from Lusitada

Ritlam's Saving to Become a Police

Documentation of 16 Smart Practices in West Kalimantan Promoted

Journey to Achieve My Dream

It Is a Pride to Accompany Children Surviving from Violence

The Different Things in SDN 15 Tebedak School

Preparing Children's Future As Early As Possible through ECCD

Colourful Class of SDN 05 Angan Tembawang School

Do Sumba Children Have a Dream?

Finally, I Have My Own Bank Account

Liang Sola to Become Child Friendly Village

Great Idea Comes Out While Waiting Children at ECCD



The Chalkboard Learning

We Change Because We Can

Child Jamboree for Sumba Children Who Dare to Dream

Mount Gamalama Erupts, WVI Distributes Family Kits

Now Hiliduho Sub District Has ECCD

Let's Plant the Vegetables!

Learning according to Nias Children Contextual Approach

Social Accountability for Citizen-Centric Governance

Sisobawino Water Committee, Proof of Wahana Visi's Program Continuation

It Is Promising To Cultivate Superior Rubber

Learning by Reading

Wahana Visi's Activities Help Shape Putri's Personality

Trees for Child Saving

Dodara Ngofa Build the Character of Ternate Children

Village Children Who Fluently Speak English

Hope Rises in the Older Days

The Enthusiasm to be a Great Leader

The Boat People: Rice for My Mother



Finally Hiligito Villagers Has Their Own Comfortable and Safe Toilet!

Knowledge, Experience, and Best Friend from Abroad

Nurul's Pure Heart to Change Nias

Senora ECCD, Place for Hiligito Children to Learn and Play

Healthy Breakfast for My Children

I Learn to Wash Hands in Right Way

Closet from My Kindhearted Sponsor

My Children, My Treasure

Working Together to Construct Water Pipeline

Susi, Community Led Total Sanitation Hero from Pajintan

I Can Educate My Friends

Learning Entrepreneurship to Reach Dream

Little Emergency Response Team from Sidodadi

Children Celebrate Birthdays together

Child Friendly Space for Children Affected by Fire

Potential of Catfish Cultivation

After Water Flows to Riam Sub Village

Surya, the Light of Maranti



Using Natural Resource as Material of Art Work

Kasius, Village Head Who Cares Sanitation

The Creative House for Children in Wangkung

Moni Learns to Sharpen Her Leadership Skill

Children's Enthusiasm in Sui Mao

Tracing First 1.000 Days of Life Journey

If It Is Not Me, Then Who?

Learning at Kemuning Pregnancy Post in West Semper

Blessing from Garbage

From Bridge to Motor Repair-Shop

Wahana Visi Indonesia Involves in "Creative Indonesia Splendor" Exhibition

Kindergarten Students of Sikka Show off on National Education Day

Green School Stand Enlivens Sport, Art, and Science Olympiad

Former Malnutrition Boy Now Become an Inspiration

A New Hope Has Come

Dream Comes True

Nutrition and Feeding Guidelines

Intelligence Compound of ECCD in East Sumba



Ucok, Sub District Head Who Is Always Linked to Toilet

FORANCHIKA Child Researchers Recommend School Bus Procurement

Imelda Care to Children

'Tempeh' Send Our Children to School

Yudianto Invited to Attend Conference on DRR in Sendai, Japan

Physical Defect Does Not Prevent Karina to Make Achievement

Blessing of the Garden

Sending Children to School through Chili Farming

I want to be a Doctor


Church's Responsibility in the First 1000 Days of Life

Garbage Has Economic Value

A Story of Mama Fin: Vegetables for Villagers

Nutrition Garden Brings Hope for Rani

It's the Right Time to Listen to Children's Voice

Establishing Laundry Business

Growing Kembang Goyang Cake Business

Rising Again after Previous Bankruptcy

New Profession as Motorcycle Taxi Driver

Fun Student Competition ala FAST

Benefit of Joining IYTF Program for Nani

We Care, Because We Are One Heart



The Patience to Wait Integrated Service Center

News 2014


Why This School Selected to Apply Green School Method?

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

Is early childhood education program also important in the border areas?

Learning How to Be Entrepreneur from Sudarmi and Rosidah

The Struggle to Draw 'Green Line'

Digging Twice, Cropping Many Times

An Unlikely Time for Love

Restart: Blending New Families, Futures after Tsunami

Tsunami Teaches Us About Life

WVI in Aceh

Christmas Carol for Indonesian Children

Story of Happiness

Catfish Cultivation, New Hope for Irawan Family

A Dream Born Out of Sorrow

Turning Dust into Gold

The Heroine from Warudu

If Not Us then Who?

School Resilience, 10 years after Tsunami

Cilincing Children Forum Transforms Me

What could we get in Child Forum?

The Body Shop Indonesia and Beauty Bloggers Care about Indonesian children

Achievement in the Midst of Limitation

Almon and Children Friendly Car

Jayapura to Become Child-Friendly Regency

Everyone could be the HIV AIDS Counselors

Ebola Virus Disease


The Benefits of Joint Marketing for East Flores Farmers

Every Teacher Also Needs to Learn

Disaster Preparedness Infographic

I am Smart, Healthy and Powerful!

Increasing Health Service by Voicing Aspiration

Education is The Greatest Gift

Ayo! Jadikan Anak Indonesia Pintar!

The Happiness of Doing Monitoring

Senida Gulo, The Most Creative of Posyandu Cadre

Call for Indonesia as A Child Friendly Country Echoed

Additional Capital Has Helped Our Business

Amantans' Role in Making Lhok Nga MIN Elementary School Advanced

Lactation Counselor Training to Improve Baby Nutrition Status

Valuable Life Lesson from Nadya

Education Saving Account for My Daughter's Future

The Real Fun in XY! Kids Fun Fest 2014

Saving Money, Saving Children's Future

Abdul Wahab: From Computer Illiterate to Computer Course Owner

Increasing the Price of Crops through Joint Marketing

Ananda Oyster Chip, Promising Home Industry in Aceh

Sister Bernardine, the ECCD Activist in Manggarai

The Unlimited Spirit in the Midst of Difficulty

The Well of Life in Our Village

Hundreds of Early Childhood Care for Development Students Graduate

We Will Stand on Our Own Feet


Learn Many Things in Donggala Kodi Child Learning Group

The Rising of ECCD in South Pura

People's Business Credit Grows up My Business

Book of Green School Launched in Sambas

A Little Change in Boven Digoel

Joint Marketing Supports Our Children's Education Tuition

Paulina and Elis, Companions to Excluded Children

Children's Role in Disaster Risk Reduction

Anna, a Devoted Midwife from Sikka

Breaking Up the Myth, Gaining the First Breastfeeding

Oelneke Wins Village Competition through Working Group

Mr. Ogen, the Silence Breaker from Gonga Pantai Village

The Industry Minister Tastes Traditional Drink from Usapinonot

Tarmizan, Farmer Model from Lela Village

Zinc Sheet Roof for Sopi Indah ECCD

The Importance of Monitoring In Every Level

From Zero to Hero

How Serious is it in Asia?

Getting Children Involved in Government Decision-making

Hoping To Be Independent Farmer

Integration of Sponsorship with Integrated Health Post

Katana Children's Wonderful Water Spinach

I Act, I Learn, and I Can


The Journey of Superior Rubber

Now We Can Eat Vegetables

There is Still a Hope in Kosimeaga

[PRESS RELEASE] Citizen Voice Action Has an Impact on Child and Society's Policy Maker

Pinggang Village Learns to Listen to Children's Voice

I Ride My Horse to School

Welcome to Benkoko's Integrated Service Post!

Toilet Without Cement in Manda

Mothers Now Care of Nutritious Food for Their Children

The "Lost" Midwife Has Come Back to Our Village

Wahana Visi Trains Peer Educator in Eruwok

I Try and Is Successful, How About You?

I Save My Money in SIPANDIK for My Future

Sentani Children's Literacy Test Experience

Watina's Healthy Rabbits

Getting up Close with Kalindi, an Inspiring Chief of Village

I Learn from My Curiosity

With Joint Marketing, the Price of Copra Rises Drastically

Demplot, Main Source of Food for Our Family

Toilets Change Wana People's Life

Nutrition Post Has Changed Little Alfredo's Life

Child Forum Changes Alor Children's Future


Mommy is now cooking with Biogas!

Copot's Heart Docks in Ceria ECCD

Let's Participate in Child Protection Movement

Following Mountain Edge, Crossing River, Going Up and Down

Reaching the Isolated Wana Sub Village

The Wake of Health Advocacy in the North Tip of Nias Island

Learning Now, Getting Profit in the Future

Finally, Our Harvest Increase by 80 percent!

Breastfeeding Week 2014

Ta'ade, ECCD Teacher in the Country's Border

Panda Eyes Change

A Spirit of Adventure

Learn How to Cook Manado Porridge, the Healthy Porridge

Aziz, Little Advocate for Clean Environment

Mildawati Glad to Counsel

Clean Water, a New Hope for Mangu Villagers

It Is a Joy to Get New Game

HERO Cares of Mother and Child's Health

Zalora support child education in North Halmahera

The Celebration of National Childrens Day in Jayawijaya Cluster, Day 4

The Enthusiasm of Reading from Wamena's Children

Child Friendly Car in Batang Air Sub Village


Fun Celebration of National Children's Day 2014 in Wamena

The Journey of Nutrition Garden in North Tomini

The Enthusiasm for Learning of Malalan Children

My Participation in Children Group Sends Me to Tour the World

From Shoe Repairer to Radio Star

National Childrens Day 2014

Traditional Game Festival Enlivens National Childrens Day

Blessings from the Mice in the Palm Oil Field

Kick Andy Interviews Wahana Visi's Children

The Role of Village Enterprise in South Welai

The Success Story of Farmer Who Dares to Dream

The Journey of Cow Breed in North Central Timor

Learning How To Write By Answering Sponsor's Letters

Contextual Education in Boven Digoel

Partnership to Serve Children in Pegirian

Wahana Visi Indonesia Encourages Churches to be Care for Children

Chasing Dreams

Excellent School with Multiple Intelligence Approach

More than 1.3 Milion Children in Indonesia Drop Out from School

Delicious Tempe from North Central Timor

The Rising of Teen Creative Group from Nias

"Blusukan" a la village chief from Kadahang


Imelda Fransisca is Really Impressed by Green School

A Reflection Behind the Victory of Green School in MDG Awards

Concert "Gratitude for Indonesia with Love" with Sidney Mohede

Iyus - Marikus, Motors of Green School

A Day for a Change

Mass Marriage, the Simplification of Marriage Dowry in Alor

Jamu, the Icon of Usapinonot village

Children of Alor, the Agents of Transformation

Home Gardening in Teluk Kenari Village

The Dissemination of Green School by Sambas Disseminator Team

Primary School Wamena Cluster Friendly Match

Special Blessing Behind School Bag Distribution

A Box of Colored Pencils for Dorkas

The Beauty of Helping Delivery and Breastfeeding Initiation

Mrs Lusi, A Never Give Up Counselor

To Be Successful, Don't Be Afraid of Dirt

The Transformation of Hermanus Tigung

Training of Preparing Educational Tool

Jakarta Highland Gathering

Let's Visit our Green School!

Rati's Green Ribbon

Transformation at the Southern Corner of Papua

Nurturing Development of Landak Children

Hulekama Village Tries to Find Breakthrough


I Will Have New School

Cadres Support to Increase Child Health

Ailes's Challenge to Live Clean and Healthy

Effort to Prevent Children Violation

Week of Action for Mother and Child Health

Wahana Visi's Young Ambassadors Dare to Be Outspoken

Let's Save Our Children

We Determine Our Own Future

Samince says, I Love this Marching Band

Breastfed Baby Is Healthy and Smart

Fajar's interaction with World Vision

Richeese Factory support education for children

Lubuk Tajau Ponders Healthier Sanitation

Young & Care

Border Villages Longing for Better Future

Nurturing Early Love for the Environment

Sharing Change to Other Schools


Sponsor Profile: Narie Budhisetiawan

Clean Water for People in the Hamlet Landau

Bounce back Cards Bring Joy to East Sumba Children

Sponsor Profile: David Widjaja

Starting from Training

"Give Joy to Everybody" Donation

Advocating Healthier Lifestyle

Mother Baby Friendly Office Movement

Global Week of Action 2014 : I want all children to Survive5

Sponsor Profile: Mandy & Randy

The Joy of Making Handicrafts from Recycled Goods

Ladder Step Toward Ika's Dream

Haiyan: Donation Update

Asri and the Sensation of the Green Harmony Learning

Special Porridge from North Central Timor

Child Sponsorhip Program

Global Week of Action 2014 : I want all children to Survive5

Credit Unions Help The Poor in Remote Sumba

Tanakaka's Well of Blesslings

What Do Children Know?

Yunus Rides His Way Closer to His Dream


130 Children Freed from Malnutrition

Promoting Savings for Children's Future

The Pledge to Wash the Hands with Soap

Garbage Bank, Solution to Environmental Problem

Diva: Sharing Gifts with Her Neighbors

Sambas Green School Won Indonesia MDG Awards 2013

"Unwinged Angels" Promote Breastmilk

Smiling Taufik and The Friendly Village

Donation Report: Manado

Donation Report: Kelud

Wall Paintings Adorn Children-Friendly Village

Simplify the Tradition for the Children

Suratmi's Journey in Freeing Her Land from Toke

The Activities in Wahana Visi Have Changed my Life

Mr. Iyus Keeps Striving to Develop His Students

Anis: a Young Farmer From Alor

Marketing Group Improves Farmers' Lives

Garbage Bank Cleans Banyuurip Dirty Village

The Big Dream of a Little Leader


Garbage Bank Helps Improve Welfare in Siantan Tengah

Mayor Promotes Warna Ayu Batik Products

Angels without Wings

No More Flying Toilets in Riam Hamlet

The Oldest Grandma and Her Great Granddaughter

Sigi Children Initiate Healthier Environment Movement

The Yearning of Coming Back Home

Gravels Keep Falling on My Head

Mt Kelud’s Ash Blankets Most of Java

Mt Kelud Causes Massive Shower of Ashes across Java Island

Mt. Kelud’s Huge Eruptions Shower Gravels and Ashes to Neighboring Cities

Resolving Land Conflict through Participative Mapping

Manado Flash Floods Update: Post-Flash Floods, Puddle and Mud Still Remain

Sam’s Sacred Mission to Secure His Dream

Pakima Hano

The Dream of Female Farmers’ Group

Press Release: World Vision Indonesia Prioritize Aid for Children in Manado

Foranker Helps Developing My Potential

Breakthrough in Sasak Primary School 07

Nenbura Village: Farming Vegetable, Fighting Malnutrition

Washing Hands Using Soap for Healthy Lifestyle

Yuni Istiyanti, Tender and Respectful "Smoking Police"


Happy to See Healthy Children Play Joyfully

Sanitation Program in North Tomini

Flash Flooding in Manado - Update 27th, January

Flooding in Jakarta - updates 27th January

Sinabung Eruption - updates 27th January

Good Nutrition is Key to Success

Distribute Healthy Food for Children

TAITRA Supports Literacy Improvement in Cilincing

Flood Strikes Jakarta


News 2013

I Learn to Study with Fun

Chefs of Children's Nutritious Food

Early Childhood Education Makes Children Happy

Building Food Resilience From Home

Kinanthi: New Generation of Indonesian Leader

World Vision: Millions at Risk of Future Disasters Without Adequate Preparedness

Simplifying Funeral Ceremony in East Sumba

Empowering Teenagers against HIV/AIDS

My determination to Breastfeed Helped Others

Yemima Hope She Could Go Back Soon

The Joy of Christmas to All

National Health Day, 2013, Towards a Healthy Indonesia

Motorcycle Library Educates Children in Crowded Area

Beyond My Wildest Dream

Indotera Expo, KSN 2013

Generating Community Trust through Monitoring

Now in Mangu, Water Crisis is Over

Berbelanja Sambil Berbagi di Mitra 10

Kolaborasi WVI dan Mitra 10 Dukung Kesehatan Anak di Papua

Diluncurkan: Panduan Pemenuhan Gizi Anak Saat Bencana 

Anak Berhak Mendapatkan yang Terbaik 

Menikmati Appetizer sambil Berdonasi 

Indonesia Peringkat ke-100 Indeks Kesehatan Global 

Siap Mengambil Bagian bagi Kepentingan Anak-anak Kami 

The Choir Company, Sebuah Kepedulian Untuk Anak Indonesia 

Mural Percantik Kampung Ramah Anak Surabaya 

Launching Lomba Teknologi Tepat Guna (TTG) STBM di wilayah perkotaan 

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Lewat Surat Sponsor 

Kami Pemimpin Masa Depan! 

Pemenang Kompasiana-World Vision Blog Competition 

Lestarinya Budayaku, ada di tanganku 

Anak Indonesia sebagai Model Perdamaian bagi Dunia 

Wahana Visi Indonesia Serukan Pemenuhan Hak Partisipasi Anak 

Menggapai Cita-Cita dengan Sponsorship 

Tenaga Kesehatan Indonesia Perlu Sosialisasi Kebijakan Menyusui 

Motor Perpustakaan Keliling Jangkau Anak Penjaringan 

Kreasiku Ceriaku, Semangatku Masa Depanku

Ibu Sehat, Anak Selamat 

Pendidikan dan Kehidupan 

Sepenggal Refleksi atas Program Diploma 

Kini Kami Tidak Lagi Duduk di Pinggir Lapangan 

Perubahan Kecil untuk Sebuah Perubahan yang Besar 

Nonggup Cooperative Improves Lives In Iniyandit Village

Petani Kakao, yang tak sungkan belajar dari anaknya 

WVI Angkat Suara Anak di Diskusi Post MDG 2015 

Impian dari Ladang

Menjejakkan Kaki di Negeri Hibualamo

"Sponsoring Indonesian Children for 10 years and more"

Kota Tanggap Banjir Yang Ramah Anak-Anak 

Wahana Visi Memungkinkan Saya Bisa Kuliah 

Pintu Menuju Kesempatan Pun Terbuka 

Keprihatinan dari Lembah Baliem

Menyemai Model Sekolah Hijau 

Sekolah Hijau untuk Anak-anak Sambas 

Harmoni Diri, Harmoni Sesama, dan Harmoni Alam

"Ani Kuadrat" Bersatu Padu Merancang Kurikulum Pendidikan Harmoni 

Harapan Anak-anak Sajingan untuk Sekolah Hijau

Ribuan Bola Sepak untuk Anak Bangsa 

Harmoni Hatiku dan Hijau Alamku 

Arang Kompos sebagai Alternatif Pupuk Organik 

NGO: Children's Voice Will Enrich Post 2015 Decision 

Wahana Visi Indonesia dan Sidney Mohede Gelar Konser Kemanusiaan 

Cinta Christine pada Anak-anak Indonesia

Berbagi Dengan Satu Klik

Sehari Bersama Saykoji

U-Kiss Mengunjungi Anak-Anak Korban Banjir Penjaringan 

Naik Sampan Bareng Sepeda Motor 

Mengubah cita-cita karena gempa 

Di Doa Ibuku


Banjir Jakarta surut; warga kuatir banjir baru 

Wahana Visi Indonesia Promosikan ASI dan Pemberian Makan Bayi serta Anak di Posko Pengungsian 

Banjir Jakarta: Difa: Mana Tas Biru dari Wahana Visi?

Yang Perlu Diwaspadai di Musim Banjir

Banjir Jakarta: Pengungsi Ikut Membantu Pengungsi Lain

Wahana Visi Siap Distribusikan Children Kits Bagi Ribuan Anak Korban Banjir Jakarta

Wahana Visi Indonesia Prioritaskan Anak-anak Dalam Penanganan Banjir Jakarta

Kisah Anak Pencari Kaleng (2) 

Kisah Anak Pencari Kaleng 

Tangan-Tangan Kecil yang Menjadi Berkat 

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