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 Anak-anak berdiskusi bersama mengungkapkan mimpi-mimpi mereka dalam pertemuan bersama dengan Wahana Visi Indonesia kantor operasional Ngada. | Wahana Visi Indonesia
The children are discussing their dream with Wahana Visi Indonesia at Ngada operational office.
The children of the elementary school looked so happy that day because they could do outdoor activity. It was cloudy but then the cloud has gone away. They were excited to share their dreams through writing, letter and picture. They were encouraged to give their opinion about teachers, friends and parents. They were also asked to give their opinion about the desired learning method and school environment to study.

Onci and Kevin were two of 373 children who joined learning activity assisted by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) at Ngada operational office. The boys were happy because WVI visited them.

“I am happy because in this activity I could learn how to draw and read books. I want another activity like writing in front of my friends,” said Onci.

“For me, I want another activity like drawing in front of my friends, playing football, shuttlecock and volley ball like what I found in the National Children Day,” told Kevin who wanted to be a policeman.

“I want our teacher teaches us outside the class frequently,” added Onci. He wanted to be a farmer when he grew up later.

From the activity initiated by WVI, the primary school students could give their opinion and dream about their school, home and village. They could learn past from the teacher who teaches them enthusiastically in a fun way while giving the real example by teaching the students. The children also said that they were happy to be friends with those who like to share and help each other.

One of the children’s dreams was the reparation for their class especially for classroom’s ceiling because it has already been broken. They also dreamed of having waste management place.

This activity was part of Meda Mazi contextual character education program which was held by WVI working with Education Department in North Bajawa and South Golewa. Through this program, all of the opinions from children would be delivered to government for the next follow up. With contextual character education, the children is not only qualified in school subjects but also in character.

Written by Monica Agnes Sylvia, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator, Wahana Visi Indonesia at Ngada operational office

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